Experience art style and gameplay of classic indie game Cave Story in brand new upscaled environment.

Cave Story Encore is a fan remake of the hit indie
action-explore game Cave Story by Daisuke 'Pixel' Amaya and Nicalis.

This project is a labour of love lead by Dr. Minty Fresh,
with others helping with art, music and story.
The goal of this project is to give our old beloved game a new coat of paint and fun new additions while maintaining the feel of the original.


-New, Original graphics
-More vibrant and expressive animations
-New Weapons and Characters
-New Areas
-New Remixed Soundtrack and New Tracks
-Beta Features
-New Very Different Ending
-Cave Story 3D exclusives
-Diamond Borders!!!
-New Enemies
-(Some) Challenges Incorporated into the main story
Click on the island!

the floating island

Note: This Demo is just an upscale with our new Soundtrack. New features such as weapons, locations, decorations and beta features are not featured here.
They may be done by either a potential next demo or a full release.
Dr. Minty Fresh - Spriting, Story, Scripting, Project Lead
Kaseboy Advance - Remixed Soundtrack and Original Tracks
AsperDev - Spriting, Website first draft
Zeroflafi - Story, Trailer, Website (yo!)
Alula & dawnDus - Engine (doukutsu-rs)
Noxid - Booster's Lab
Spur - Porting
Lethrys - Additional Spriting, Site Hosting
P-Tux - P-Tux